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When it comes to our students, at the heart of 网赌最好最大平台’s mission and vision is the desire to develop the whole person.  Achieving academic excellence and establishing personal relationships are important, but it is our belief that true transformation only takes place as a result of an intimate relationship with God the Father, 通过耶稣基督的儿子, 借着圣灵的大能在信徒的生命中动工. That’s why, 在网赌最好最大平台,你会发现一个以基督为中心的教师社区, staff, and students committed to growing in their relationship with Christ by integrating their faith into every facet of their life, 无论是校内还是校外.

We are a Christian university by design and proudly continue to live out a nearly 100 year old tradition of infusing faith and education in such a way that empowers our students to be catalysts for Kingdom advancement and global impact.  It’s what sets us apart from other universities and it ‘s what gets us out of bed in the morning.  Our curriculum is designed to integrate faith and learning by teaching students how their faith applies to their chosen career path, 但不止于此. It’s the times of prayer and devotional lessons with your professors in the classroom or the personal mentorship that same professor offers you outside of class. 每周有两次礼拜仪式, 和你的室友一起做祷告, 在纳什教堂的礼拜之夜, 还有到国外传教.  At 网赌最好最大平台, you can be sure that you will have the opportunity to not only grow academically and socially, 精神上也是如此.





杰里米·米勒- 网赌最好最大平台 Reach联合主任


网赌最好最大平台校园部很高兴推出一个新的研究生实习计划! 研究生住院医师计划旨在提供实际的事工经验, 同时进行学术研究, for 1-2 years for those students who are undergraduates in the areas of Biblical Studies, Theology, 或与政府部门相关的领域. 感兴趣的学生可以联系校园部长杰克·拉特利夫(jratliff@kcu).Edu),查阅资料或申请. 完整的节目也可以在这里找到: Program Overview


  • 向校园部长(jratliff@kcu)提交一份带有3个推荐信的简历.edu).
  • Submit an essay (2-4 pages in length) to the Campus Minister answering the following questions:
    • 用你自己的话来说,事工对你意味着什么?
    • 你完成学业后的目标是什么?
    • 这个项目如何帮助你实现这些目标?
    • 你认为这个项目会在哪些方面帮助你提高?
  • Apply and Gain Acceptance (or conditional acceptance) to a 网赌最好最大平台 Graduate Program in the 基兰圣经学院 & Ministry.



One of the many facets that make the 网赌最好最大平台 experience unique is our chapel services. 每周两次,每次50分钟, the entire campus community comes together in the Nash Chapel for a time of worship and teaching from God’s word. 充满活力的崇拜服务是由我们的学生团体有才华的成员带领. Each Chapel features a guest speaker who is typically a regionally or nationally known communicator. We make an effort to bring high-caliber speakers to Chapel who have something to share that we feel will benefit our students and “nudge” them along spiritually. Chapel services have been a key component of the DNA at 网赌最好最大平台 since the beginning and set us apart from most other colleges and universities.


Because we hold strongly to the importance of gathering together as the body of Christ, 参加礼拜堂是必须的. 每个学生都必须累积 每学期26个教堂学分(如果你是通勤者,则为16个)网赌最好最大平台的30个礼拜中. This gives on-campus students 4 unexcused absences per semester to use as they wish. 为生病等缺勤找借口, emergencies, and traveling for school-related purposes will not count against the student’s total. 学生可以通过以下两种途径之一获得26(或16)学分:

Chapel Pathway:

The first option students have in accruing their necessary Spiritual Formation credits is by choosing to by-pass Life Groups for credit and earn credits solely through attending chapel services. In this option, 学生需要参加26 (16), 如果是通勤者的话,30个人中有一个愿意去教堂做礼拜. 学生每学期有4次无理由缺课. Choosing this pathway does not exclude students from participating in a Life Group. 我们鼓励学生加入以下任何一个小组, 他们根本不会因为参加而获得教堂的学分.


The second option students have in accruing their necessary Spiritual Formation credits is by choosing to engage in both Chapel services and a Life Group for Spiritual Formation credit. In this scenario, 学生最多可获得8(4)个学分, (如果是通勤者)参加寿险团体的积分. 他们的剩余学分必须通过参加教堂服务(如.e. 18, 12).  学生可透过浏览 2023年秋季人寿集团目录. Once a student has a few groups of interest, they may sign-up for one at the following link: Sign-up Here.

Chapel Exemption:

虽然我们相信在一起的重要性, we understand that special circumstances out of the student’s control may require them to apply for chapel exemption. 在实习的情况下,这些情况与学术相关, practicums, and student teaching; medical-related amid the COVID-19 pandemic; and, work-related for commuters who do not have classes on campus on chapel days and have a job that requires them to work off campus on those same days. 在这些情况下, students must fill out the chapel exemption form and attach any appropriate documentation as noted in the form.



网赌最好最大平台在校园内提供各种各样的体育项目. We believe in the power of our athletics programs to not only be successful in the wins column but also in ministry. The Campus Ministry team comes alongside captains and leaders of each program within a life group entitled, “圆桌协会.” This group helps promote three components that will help our student-athletes express their faith through their athletic talents. 我们认为学生运动员……

  1. 学习上帝的话语,让它作为他们一切行为的基础,
  2. 支持他们的整个骑士家族,在项目之间建立桥梁, 
  3. 为他们的校园家庭和周边社区服务.

Worship Nights

校园里定期举行一些特别的活动. Some of these are organized by students who are part of the Worship Ministry program, 他们总是很棒, 清爽的经历. 其他时候,一群学生可能会觉得被引导去计划一些独特的事情. 与校园部办公室合作, 这些晚上的敬拜经历对灵魂是丰富和有益的.

网赌最好最大平台 Reach

网赌最好最大平台 Reach exists to develop partnerships between 网赌最好最大平台 students and local churches and camps. 网赌最好最大平台 Reach 团队将配备与已建立的事工一起服务. 这个项目为我们提供了多种网赌最好最大平台,比如夏令营团队, youth retreats, youth lock-ins, 周日上午志愿者, and more!

网赌最好最大平台对我们的外展团队感到非常自豪.  These groups are intentionally selected students who share a heart for ministry and to serve.  These students are also prepared to promote 网赌最好最大平台 whether by speaking or setting up a booth.  However, most importantly, our outreach teams are trained and equipped to come alongside ministers to enhance the Kingdom of God.


The 网赌最好最大平台 Campus Ministry provides a weekly podcast to the 网赌最好最大平台 family that dives into several topics related to the faith, ministry, and society. Guest speakers consist of chapel speakers, local ministers, 网赌最好最大平台 alumni, faculty, staff, and students. 播客可以在大多数发布播客的网站和应用程序上找到, 或者你可以在以下链接找到:



“Thank you Dr. 砖头倒了这么多时间, love, and effort into my education to make sure that I became a nurse that is prepared to go make disciples for Christ. 我将永远感激您和扬西护理学院.”


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